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OKRs; known as Objectives and Key Results. What does it mean and what value does it add to the actual business?

I tried to find out.

I went to training, some of it expensive, to learn that they are, how they are used, what they are even supposed to be. After hours of meetings and at least 1 drowsy seminar lead by a non-native language speaker, I came away with the same unanswered questions.


It is entirely possible I just don’t “get it”, but I’m not the only one that’s not seeing why all the time spent divining, documenting and dreaming up these OKRs are actually delivering to the business itself.

Now, it is just a guess, but I do guess there is some value to some D, C and VP level types that like spreadsheets full of numbers and graphs that they can point at and say things like;

“Look at all the amazing work that Division C did with these Objectives! The OKR numbers are perfect!!”Ombre designer degrade shirt plaid striped fade red white zipper off hood airVintage NWOT 1984 Original CONAN II The Destroyer Shirt Super RARE

“Hey, Division R, get a move on, you’re not keeping up with the rest of the divisions.. I can tell just by looking at your OKRs!”

All business needs to measure it’s performance, progress, the projects or widgets that it builds, that is business 101 (just like doing a P/L… which should be a good indictor of performance, wouldn’t you agree?), but if the people generating these metrics, can’t understand them, and the people who are tasked with training the people, don’t seem to understand them either, what real value are these delivering?

It feels like some C-suite suit was reading some Silicon Valley tech rag about how ABC company or whomever was seeing great metrics and cute graphs by implementing this all-the-latest-rage business “paradigm”, and thought that they are a big cool company.. and they had better do it too. I mean, all the cool kids are doing it! We need to do it! Now! Every executive down to miserable middle-manager needs to get the latest books on OKRs and put them into action NOW, so the CEO can review all the cute graphs and charts before the next board meeting. Actual day-to-day business be damned.. we’re doing OKRs!!

Doing a few quick searches around the intertubes, you find entire businesses now touting that they can handle your OKRs or they have software to managed your OKRs!!

By now, unless you’re (un)fortunate enough to be working for one of the cool kids.. you might not be familiar with what an OK is.. so.. let me paste this paragraph sniped from one of the typical places people would go too look up questionable data and thinly sourced articles.

“OKRs comprise an objective—a clearly defined goal—and one or more key results—specific measures used to track the achievement of that goal. The goal of OKR is to define how to achieve objectives through concrete, specific and measurable actions.”Versace jeans swetshirt size SBsneak x Just Wynn SIGNED Long Sleeve Shirt Sz L Sneakercon sneakers

We have in place a plethora of other tools to measure goals, tracking projects, measure performance. All of these, already in place…. where do OKRs fit in.. and are they even something that ICs and small “Agile” (I use that term very loosely… since in 12 years of working for “Agile” companies I have yet to see it fully and really effectively implemented) self-managing teams should even be dealing with? Shouldn’t the miserable middle-managers being dreaming up OKRs and updating them with their made-up progress percentages? An heaven forbid you hit 100% of your state OKRs; doing so means you were not aggressive enough in setting these objectives… you need to work harder…. but we still expect you to do what you say you’re going to do… under-delivering is not appreciated (huh, how does that work.. don’t over-deliver…. this sounds like a government strategy… better not hit your goals or you’ll not get your funding next time around).

When it comes to the typical management games of spreadsheets, and charts.. the more the merrier, and nothing is as simple and merry as a good ‘ol OKR exercise, right?

Are you working on OKRs at your job? Did you setup that quarterly goal to service 25 A/C units and sell 6 new ones…. did you over or under achieve? Does any of this make any sense at all?

Ugh. I’m sure I’ve going way off track here, and made little or to no sense. If that is the case, then, I think I’ve achieved my goal. You understand me and OKRs about as well as anyone I know. Congratulations… you’re management material!!


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Working in the Search sector for nearly a decade now, it would seem like this is an easy question to answer. However, to a degree, it is not. Why can it be such a vexing concern? As simply put as I can; it’s all in the context of the search, not so much the content.

You can (and should) build the more beautifully indexed body of content imaginable, but without relevance applied to a search, it’s use is limited at best. Identifying the context of the search is critical to determining the relevancy of the results.

A good example from a book recently read, illustrated the importance of relevancy signals to search. Take the case of two doctors searching the term ‘myocardial infarction’.

Doctor #1 is in his office, looking for recent research into the causes of sudden death from heart attacks. He’s most interested in the latest articles regarding predictive signals or other metrics that might more accurately predict the likelihood of an event in his patients.

Doctor #2 is in the ER, faced with a perplexing acute MI; and is in need of a procedure that will stabilize the patient as rapidly as possible. Perhaps there is a new class of drugs that can help, and he needs to know how to administer them, quickly, or even know if his facility caries the desired drug.Tame Impala X The People Vs. Serpent Tee- Size XL - Yellow PurpleNEW SHOW ME YOUR MUMU Hacienda Congreenible Gown (S) +

Both of these physicians may be searching on the same term, but they needs are strikingly different. Giving each of these doctors the right (relevant) results quickly can only occur with the application of signals. Signals might include the location of the search? Is it coming from a network in the ER, or the subnet in the offices? Are their other signals such as which doctor may be making the search? Some doctors are assigned to ERs, others may not ever rotate through. These are all signals that can impact the relevancy of a search.

So, how does the search engine know the context? It needs to be fed the signals so it can calculate the relevancy of each result to the search being conducted. These signals need to be identified and provided by an intervening layer that understands the context of the search. That context might be the geolocation or known assignment, or even the past search history of a specific user that includes information on which links they more often explore. All of these are signals that can be expressed to a search engine (or appliance) to improve relevancy.

How might these signals be expressed? Some examples, if I might diverge down a rabbit hole related to my own decade or so experience with Solr, would be applying boost formulas to specific fields containing results stored in certain fields or term sets in the body of content.Lewit NEW bluee Women's Size 8 Printed Lace Trim Sheath Dress SilkDesigual Woman short dress vest clanzie 19swvwat

Perhaps for the ER doctor, documents with a field property of medical_procedure:myocardial medical_procedure:infarction would boost the score by a major factor, pushing how-to or other information to the top of the list.

In opposition to that, the other doctor’s search might look at boosting publication date (more recent, more boost) and other fields such as a flag indicating the content is research (e.g. research:true article:true). The way relevancy can be identified and improved will always require the application of some signals, of one type or another.

Other examples of signals that can be applied, might originate from the content curator. Any good search application needs to have SMEs (subject mater experts) and content curators continually updating the data and reviewing the results. Something a curator might do is apply a boost factor for products that are currently on sale, or have a ‘most popular’ rank that has recently changed. Maybe the product is over-stocked, or perhaps it was just discontinued. The curator is a critical pat of the relevancy solution. It can’t be left solely on the shoulders of the search engineering team to ‘guess’ that is relevant today, and what is not.

There needs to be a concentric circle of needs, so to speak, when considering the factoring and refactoring of the search (relevancy) solution. The layers (outer to inner) of this concentric feedback look might look like this.

Poor feedback / upset users / lost sales
Business and domain awareness
Content curation
Paired relevance tuning
Test-driven relevance.

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More important to a good search solution, and thus a good customer experience is a TEAM of people looking at the changing relevancy of content, tuning to meet the most urgent business and customer needs, and method of signaling the context of a search to ensure the most relevant results are returned, every time.

I’m not sure if this is a Southern thing, but in the non-owner neighborhood we live in, when people move out they seem to leave a lot of old junk on the curb in the hopes someone else will repurpose it. Perhaps they just don’t want to pay the feeds to have the junk hauled off. But not all of this is a bad thing, and that’s how I came to own my first Subaru.

A few weeks hence, while drinking a dram of some of Scotland’s finest Water of Life, I spied some boxy looking thing a couple of doors down the street, where a couple (or what was actually left of a couple) was moving out. Whatever it was, it looked like it had caught fire and was ready for an unceremonial dumping into the trash.

The thing languished on the curb for some time, and curiosity got the best of me. Upon inspection of this trash, I discovered that it was a generator, exactly the type of generator and capacity for a good day at the race track.

With the pull-cable hanging out, spots of black spray paint adorning the faded plastic ends, panels hanging off, and parts clearly missing, it was no prize. But grab it I did. Having recently watched some YouTube videos on restoring generators to working order I felt emboldened to take on a project. Besides, my daily work is in the cyber world and tasking myself with tangible project was a nice respite. Grunting and groaning at 3:00 AM, I hauled the wreck back to my garage and closed the door on my new project until the next morning. NWOT Neiman Marcus Silk Fushia Red Pink Peigblack Nightgown Robe Long Sz P Small34 D VICTORIA'S SECRET DESIGNER Hot Red Push-Up Bra +Slip +Thong +Garter Set

Upon completion of my weekly day-job obligations, I changed clothes and set to examining this pile of junk that more assuredly would end up out on my curb by week’s end.

It was quickly appearant that the primary issue with the pull cable was the faded plastic end housing had cracked around the opening where the cable existed and was holding it fast. After some effort, the cable was freed from the housing, and with a pull I heard the sweet sweet sound of a small engine trying to puff to life. It wasn’t seized, it had compression and the pull start mechanism as in tact. At this point some excitement began to emerge… this just might be salvageable!

The next couple of hours involved removing many semi-fixed and rusted screws, panels and the plastic gas tank. Thank goodness it was plastic and not metal, I had no worries about rust! Once I had the remaining panels removed, it was then that I discovered that this was not some typical Chinese junk-pile motor in the generator. Instead it was clearly marked as an OHC (overhead camshaft) engine made by Subaru. This was a choice acquisition in deed! Even if I could not resurrect the electronics, this engine had value that far exceeded the appropriation cost of a short walk down the street.

Next order of business was to pull the spark plug and check for spark. After some fiddling around in the old tool box for the right spark plug removal tools, I had removed it to find the plug clean and free of rust. Things were looking better and better!

Placing the plug against the cylinder head and pulling the now freed pull start cable, a weak but detectable spark was seen. Yes.. this is going swimmingly. Two of three basic engine requirements satisfied. This seemed to have good compression and it makes spark. All I needed to do now was feed it some fuel and see if there was anything home! Just a quick shot of starting fluid answered that question too, as it briefly sputtered to life. Time to invest a little money in this project.

Over the next couple of days, I washed out, drained and dried the fuel tank, which was full of what looked like rocks. How or why those got in there is still a mystery to me, but I had some success in clearing them and the water out. While that progressed I spent $5 on a can of red paint, $4 on a can of TruFuel and another $5 on a fuel filter to prevent damage to the carburetor from anything I failed to remove from the gas tank.Spell And The Gypsy Sahara Midi SkirtAuthentic Belstaff Shaw Skirt 100% Wool Size 44 Leather Trim

After improving the aesthetics with some paint, and cleaning out all the nooks and crannies with the trusty air compressor, my first Subaru was ready for re-assembly.

With some pride and a solid sense of accomplishment, I summed the family to observe what I hoped would be a successful startup. With a single pull the generator sprang to life, and I’d further cemented my reputation as the fix-it-dad.

The little red Subaru now lives in the garage next to my other generator, waiting for a new job to do.

This is generally a simple process to install CapserJS on a *NIX box, but had not done this on a Raspberry Pi before, and ran into a couple of minor gotchas. This is a stripped down explanation of what I needed to do, but it will server as a reference for me, and maybe for some other people as well.

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Installing node is very simple, but you should grab root access to do it. This should be simple and run without any issues.

The Node Package Manager will be used later to actually install CasperJS, once PhantomJS has been successfully installed.

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PhantomJS is a web automation framework, that CasperJS uses to run it’s extended suite of tools. NOTE. I found that I needed to modify my user’s (pi in this case) environment to tell Phantom that not to expect a console for rendering webpages; I’ll document that at the bottom.

Installing CasperJS is done most simply via the npm (Node Package Manager):

QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display
PhantomJS has crashed. Please read the bug reporting guide at
and file a bug report.

The fix is to add this line to the .bashrc file, which will stop the error. I simply added this to the last line of the file.


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Following up on Friday’s shenanigans above The Horseshoe, we were at it again, this time we started at the River House and headed downstream on the Nwt Ralph Lauren bluee Label BOADICEA Ruffled Halter Dress Top Pink 4.

Weather was even nicer than Friday, with good temps and plenty of sunshine. What a great way to keep up the weekend rocking.

Heading into The Horseshoe is a nice easy paddle, providing plenty of time to get warmed up, acclimated and ready for the Class II+ challenges ahead. Piece of cake in a raft, but a bit of a challenge for someone that’s not been kayaking rivers for more than a few months (aka. me).
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Even with the leaves mostly gone now, it’s still a great river to run. The terrain changes quite a bit along the river.. with some low-bank sections with homes and others lined with trees.

The banks get a little steeper and the river a little quicker as it narrows up, providing some nice warmup sections before hitting the remains of several dams paddle wheels along the river.


On the left side, are some campsites that are part of the Whitewater Amphitheater, which is right on the river. Check the schedule, the summer season kicks off with Wille Nelson shows.

There are some fun little rapids where the river splits through a small grove of trees.
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There are 6 places the roads cross the river, they have a numbering conventions, starting from the edge of New Braunfels (crossing #1 is right as you get into town). This here is crossing #4 and due to a minor mishap on the river, was the takeout point for our trip.
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It was a fantastic day. As is the tradition, we cap off the day with a fire.
I’m going to look at some ways to take some better pictures, and probably some video next time out. I just hope the weather holds and the Army Corps of Engineers don’t cut the flow back too much more; having to drag boats and portage around exposed dams is a little less than idea.

Sure it was a Friday, and yeah.. maybe I was supposed to be in Austin at the office.. .but.. with the temps coming back to normal, and the opportunity to go kayaking on the river while the flow is still up.. going INTO the office was just not going to happen.

The plan was to kayak the Guadalupe River from the base of BIG SM EXTREME SPORTSWEAR Shirt Leisureshirt sport shirt Bodybuilding 5038, back to the River House.

After finishing up some work in the morning and dealing with the ever annoying Vintage High Waist Leather Pencil Skirt Cream Ivory S M EREZ 8, we packed up the truck and headed to the River House, where Uncle Senior Tim was waiting with the kayaks loaded and ready to go.

We reached the dam around 1:00, put in below the hydro plant and I immediately set to capsizing the kayak. I figure it’s best to get that sort of stuff out of the way first.

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About 30min. into the trip, the sun came out, the temps jumped up and it turned into a glorious afternoon!!

Upon arriving in Texas, one of the first things I had to get used to was the difference in highway design philosophy compared to other states I’ve driven in. Personally, I think it’s a brilliant idea. It even works in the city cores, which is where I clipped this short video from yesterday.

Part of that design, is ability to implement these easy turn-around lanes, and I use these all daily. I like the way the turnarounds (generally, there are a few that do) do not require traffic controls, which improves the overall flow of traffic. Typically, if I needed to change direction on a freeway, you’d have to exit, wait for the right of way to make 2 left turns, and then re-enter the freeway.

You might be able to see, in this street map, there is a loopback lane that connects the opposing directions of the frontage roads.

These little turn-arounds are dedicated lanes that let you zip under (and sometimes over) the main roadway to return the other direction, either on the frontage road or the main road via a separate onramp. This is what the sat view of this intersection looks like:

This is basically how it works: